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By James A. Cox, Editor-in-Chief of The Midwest Book Review

Written by retired U.S. Navy commander and mother Charlsie Russell, The Devil's Bastard is a historical romance set in late 1700's and early 1800's Mississippi. The passionate bonds of love between young Angelique and her rescuer Mathias are heavily overshadowed by the threat of Mathias' unknown father, whispered to be a demon. To quell her doubts, Angelique must risk uncovering the hidden secret of Mathias' sire, in this stirring tale of passion, danger, and emotional rifts that endure across generations.


By Romance Author Lyn Morgan

Young Angelique Veilleaux, left orphaned by the death of her father, travels to live with her great-aunt Elizabeth Boswell. The journey is long and dangerous, the year 1793, the location is The Natchez Trace. On the journey, the group she travels with is ambushed by a band of thugs who take Angelique. Mathias Douglas, a cousin of Angelique rescues the girl before she is violated by the brigands.

The tale shows careful research and is a fascinating account of life on the frontier in a region claimed by many nations and settled by all those nationalities.

The romance between Mathias and Angelique is sensual and moving, yet true to life.

The near-supernatural events occurring around De Leau will raise the hair on your neck and have you glancing uneasily into the dark corners as you read.


Lyn Morgan, who writes also as Lyn Lawrence and Lawrence King, is the published author of Magnolia House, Web of Dreams, and For the Weekend, and the true-crime novel, Stone Justice.


Four Cups from Sherry at Coffee Time Romance!

Mathias Douglas has grown up not knowing how to show love; the devil raped his mother, Juliana, and she died giving birth to him. On her deathbed, she made her mother Elizabeth swear to take care of her baby. Mathias grew up not knowing who sired him but has heard the rumors that he was the result of a demon's seed. His grandmother raised him, but Mathias never felt her love.

Angelique Veilleux is not sorry her father died. He was a tyrannical, unloving father. She looks forward to starting a new life with her Aunt Elizabeth. However, as she gets off the boat, a bunch of thieves kidnaps her. They threaten to rape her. Angelique is scared and prays for help. Will it come in time?

Elizabeth sends Mathias to get her niece, who is coming to live with them since her father has died. Mathias will do anything to gain his grandmother's love. When Angelique and Mathias meet for the first time, they feel instant attraction for each other. However, Mathias is afraid that if he falls in love with Angelique, she will not return that love. Angelique starts to have nightmares and feels someone or something is watching her. Yo, the Negress who helped Elizabeth deliver Mathias, tells Angelique the family's history and the story of the demon being Mathias's father. When animals are found slaughtered, Mathias and his men think it is a wild cat. Angelique wonders if it is someting more sinister. Elizabeth insists that Angelique and Mathias marry. She tells Mathias she will give him De Leau, the family homestead, as a wedding gift. After the wedding, Angelique's life is severely threatened. Mathias wonders if this threat comes from his sire. Is this monster after the person he loves? What are the secrets that Yo and Elizabeth share? How will Angelique deal with the demons that threaten her family?

The Devil's Bastard is a book that keeps you glued to your seat, reading page after page. It is heartbreaking as you read about Mathias's childhood and the pain he must have felt as a child not knowing if he was created by a monster. You can feel the love inside him trying to come out. Angelique is just the right person to show him how to love. She brings out the tender side of Mathias. The mystery in this book has a gothic touch. You will not find out until the final pages just who the demon is. And the answer will shock you as the mystery is solved and all the pieces come together. The historic aspects mentioned within this story are amazing. As you turn the pages, you feel you are reliving a part of our history.


In addition to reviewing for Coffee Time Romance, Sherry also reviews for Karen's Find out about New Books.


Three and a half hearts from Dawn at Love Romances

A wealthy and powerful matriarch, Elizabeth Boswell welcomes her grandniece, Angelique Veilleux into the family. Sheltered and [impoverished], Angelique finds herself in a world of privilege that scares her to the core. When she meets Elizabethís grandson, the sexy and mysterious Mathias Douglas, he stirs something in her as no one ever has. However, secrets and mysteries surround Elizabeth and her family. When secrets are beginning to unravel and Angelique finds herself in danger, can Mathias admit his feelings for her and race to save her in time? Alternatively, will he be too late to save the beauty that captured his heart? Read The Devilís Bastard and find out what secrets are told in this hauntingly chilling story set in Spanish Natchez.

The Devilís Bastard is a story that centers on a powerful family led by Elizabeth Boswell, and the many secrets that she holds is what keeps the readers interest throughout the pages. The characters are multidimensional and will have the reader guessing at the mystery of who wants to destroy this family. This reviewer, though, found the many secondary characters hard to keep track of and had to refer back to family tree chart many times. This was the only drawback of the story, as it got confusing after awhile who was who in some instances. The storyline was excellent and well written. Very engrossing from start to finish, Ms. Russell writes with much flair and the reader can see how much research was done to capture the Spanish Natchez of the times. It was completely spine tingling at times when the pace picked up and it raced to the climatic ending. This reviewer had to read the ending twice to make sure this reviewer read it right! The Devilís Bastard has a great plot, captivating characters and an engrossing storyline that will have the reader hanging on to the edge of their seat from all the twists and turns. If you like a story that is rich in lush details, intriguing characters and a hauntingly eerie mystery, than grab The Devilís Bastard and find out what happens between Angelique and Mathias as well as what the mystery that surrounds the family. Kudos to Ms. Russell for writing an intriguing story that will leave the reader gasping at the end!


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