lesson on collect for output from quark and what to send your printer to include fonts and images

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What to Send to the Printer

Whatever he says he wants!

No, seriously, do check with your printer to make sure you send everything he needs, but here are the basics:

The book
The cover
The Collect For Output for the book (and I sent the .xtg, not a .qxd)
The Collect For Output for the cover (again, the .xtg)
All the fonts separately
Any pictures—whether of not they were sent embedded in the file—send another copy of the picture as a separate document.
Your printer may ask for a PDF or probably will make one for you. If so, you probably need to look at it again before he makes a book out of it. For that reason, alone, I suggest you go ahead and make your document a PDF and check the PDF before sending it to him. Once the document is a PDF, it shouldn’t change—nothing slips out of place, no fonts change—it’s a graphic and everything stays as you last saw it.

I sent the PDFs for my book, my cover, and my one graphic in the document along with everything else listed above.

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