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This little jewel can be found under your “File” menu, and it will gather up/identify everything you need to send to your printer. It will also tell you what is missing. For example. I created a Family Tree for my first novel and ended up making a PDF out of it for transport into my book. A PDF is a graphic. When I initially went to the Collect For Output (CFO) prompt, a screen came up and told me that picture was missing. I then went back and saved the PDF in the folder with my book. The CFO was then able to collect that graphic.

The CFO report is saved as a QuarkXpress Tag (.xtg). My 5.0 couldn’t read it, though it appeared saved just fine. Nevertheless, I couldn’t get into it. What you have to do is create a Quark document—a text box—and import it. That worked and I then saved it as a Quark document.

Now, CFO will also identify the fonts in your document, but apparently that is not enough to send them to your printer. You still need to copy those fonts from your font folder on the hard drive to the disc you’re sending to your printer. You must send your fonts. Go to Fonts.

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