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Overview of Loblolly Writer's House Marketing Plan


To design, publish, promote, and sell novels of popular fiction created by writer Charlsie Russell. Loblolly Writer’s House (LLWH) offers tales of mystery, suspense, and sensual romance in historical, Mississippi settings. The product targets adults, aged 16-80+, with a taste not only for entertaining, thought-stimulating plots with a mystery to solve and edge-of-the seat suspense, but also for readers who love to escape into the past. All stories come replete with sensual romance.

Marketing tools include superior print-book construction, outstanding digital formatting for ebook publication, and on-line press releases available for download to newspapers, periodicals, reviewers, Mississippi’s independent bookstores, Mississippi gift shops, craft fairs, and local stores comprising part of the bookselling chains (i.e. Barnes and Nobel and Books-A-Million). Loblolly Writer’s House has an online presence and continues to strengthen its internet marketing plan.


The traditional marketing structure based on distribution/wholesales to bookstores regionally and nationwide, which evolved with the traditional publication industry, is an impractical one for selling this house’s self-published “fiction.” As a result, Loblolly Writer’s House engages in a constantly evolving marketing plan to meet its needs.

1. Ms. Russell’s writings are niche works, romantic historical suspense in a regional setting.
2. Readership demands will dictate distributor/wholesaler requirements vice the other way around.
3. Here, print-on-demand (POD) printing has replaced the off-set print run enabling Loblolly Writer’s House to limit the number of copies for each novel produced and provided the House with POD distribution.
4. Promotional opportunities among conventional media outlets are shrinking, but opportunities on the internet are steadily rising.
5. One-on-one sales at individual book signings (i.e. bookstores, craft fairs, gift stores) have proven effective for selling books.
6. Gift stores/coffee shops have proven good sales outlets.
Current Market

Mystery/suspense makes up 25 percent of the popular fiction sold in the United States. Additionally, LLWH’s books will be of interest to readers of historical fiction as well as readers of romance, which comprises 35 percent of the fiction market in the U.S.today.

Gothic suspense is a popular sub element of both the lucrative mystery and romance genres. Charlsie Russell markets her stories as historical mystery/suspense. The sensual romance is “icing on the cake.”

1. Ms Russell’s stories are plot-driven.
2. Historical accuracy/believability is important to Charlsie Russell as is writing about her country, state, and attitudes. Charlsie Russell is a Southerner who knows and loves the South. She can describe her Mississippi settings, and she respects Mississippi’s history. The South provides a historical backdrop rife with centuries of compelling conflict.
3. Weaving historical data into a mystery/suspense has proven successful in the mystery genre (i.e. Anne Perry). With the very popular thread of sensual romance prevalent in Charlsie Russell’s stories, topped off with the prerequisite happy ending, this author has created an emotionally satisfying tale. Among readers of escape fiction, there will always be a market for Charlsie Russell’s books.

Over the next five-years, 2012-2017, LLWH plans to market its print books locally and throughout Mississippi. LLWH will grow its market outside the state via the Internet (to include sales of digital books.

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