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Charlsie Russell writes American historical genre fiction set in Mississippi, and she is eager to share the results of her research developed in crafting her novels. Every state in the Union has an equally rich and unique history, which made it what it is today. For those of you interested in writing about your native state, the home you're proud of, do so. Afterall, now that you're thinking about "going it alone" the only person you have to please with your choice of setting and subject matter is yourself (and let's hope you'll please a readership, too).
For those of you interested in Mississippi and/or Southern history, please peruse my articles listed below. I've included bibliographical information for further research if you desire to study the subject matter further. As always, please contact me if you have questions, comments, or feel you can add something to my efforts.
In addition to the articles below, I have, beginning in February 2014, been blogging extensively on Mississippi/Southern history, primarily on Reconstruction, the settings for my more recent novels, Camellia Creek and its sequel Honor’s Banner. I am unabashedly pro-Southern in my treatment of the period and my disdain for the Congress/central government and their supporters of that period who sounded the “death knoll” of our Founders’ Republic. If interested, visit Loblolly Log and scroll through the articles. By the very nature of the blog, the more recent ones are farther forward in history, making the history read backwards, but I do have some links that will take the reader back to the beginning (for example my series on James L. Alcorn), from which point he/she can move forward.
Thanks for stopping in,
Charlsie Russell

The Heroine of the Southern Gothic Love Story

The Hero of the Southern Gothic Love Story

Mississippi History-Desoto to Mother England

British West Florida

The Population of British West Florida

Southwest Humor in Nineteenth Century Mississippi Literature

Historical Note on "The Devil's Bastard"

Free Trade and Smuggling Between British West Florida and Spanish Louisiana

Making Soap on an Eighteenth Century British West Florida Farm

Plantations in British West Florida

Women and the Town Market in Eighteenth Century Louisiana

The Old Southwest in the American Revolution: The James Willing Raid

Naval Stores, Turpentine, Lumbermen, and Longleaf Pine

Historical Note on "Wolf Dawson"

A Brief Introduction to Spanish West Florida

So, What Was All That Fuss About Aaron Burr?

Spanish Louisiana's Feliciance County"

Mississippi's Harrison County Coast at the Turn of the Twentieth Century

Historical Note on "Epico Bayou"

Savage Cats, Raccoons, and the French on the Mississippi Gulf Coast

The "Division of Labor" in the Mississippi Timber Industry, 1840-1910

Historical Note on "River's Bend"

Brief History of the Founding of Port Gibson

Introduction to the Historical Note on Honor’s Banner

The Northern Methodist Church in the South During Occupation and Reconstruction

Military Intelligence, Civilian Operatives, and the Needs of the New United States at the End of the Civil War

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