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Here's What Readers Are Saying About Wolf Dawson

I think this book is just as good as The Devil's Bastard. But I still like The Devil's Bastard a little more.

Catherina M.


We met and chatted briefly at the Iuka Heritage Festival last Saturday. I purchased your novel, Wolf Dawson, and finished reading it before we left Iuka on Monday morning. It was a great read. I certainly did 'enjoy the journey.' I thoroughly enjoyed every page and look forward to reading your other two novels.

Wesson, MS.


I literally just finished reading Wolf Dawson. I loved The Devil's Bastard but Wolf Dawson completely captivated me. I COULD NOT PUT IT DOWN! I want to thank you for the books you write and the wonderful entertainment they provide.

Lafitte, LA.


I just finished reading your book, Wolf Dawson. It is decisively the best book I have read in a long, long time. You were right, I definitely would enjoy it. It kept me company after my son went to sleep while I was at home, during my return flights back to Iraq, and in what little spare time I've had after work. [...] At times I thought maybe it was the same wolf/vampire story just like any other. HOW VERY WRONG I WAS. During the final scene..., I had been reading for nearly two my little red LED flashlight while my roommate was asleep. I just couldn't put it down. ...the book flowed perfectly with absolutely no useless information. Also, your mastery of the era during which the story took place is impeccable. The events, language used by the characters, and their thought processes were right on. [...] Most stories create this "fairy tale" image of love and passion, yours did not. In my opinion, it more accurately reflected the desires and passion of human nature. THAT, is what I liked. It was real, not some fantasy.

Lucedale, MS.


I just wanted to tell you what an amazing deal I got from your book. I had gone into a local coffee shop store and got some coffee for me and my husband and a drink for my daughter. After placing my order and paying for it, which was around $14, we sat down. I noticed a little magazine stand and saw two books both of them were yours [the other would have been The Devil's Bastard]; after reading the backs of them I was sold. I went to pay for them to find out they were left behind and are free to whomever. I took them home thinking about the wonderful deal I had just gotten. After reading them I realize it wasn't just a deal it was a treasure. I can't wait for your next book.


I just wanted to send you an e-mail to thank you for The Devil's Bastard and Wolf Dawson. I have read both in the last two weeks, and I want to tell how very much I enjoyed them both. I am not a big reader but found myself reading these two every opportunity I had. My favorite was Wolf Dawson. You are a great writer and I hope there will be many more of your stories to look forward to.... Again thank you for taking your readers to another time and place, even if just for a little while.

A true fan of your work,


Charlsie Russell’s book “Wolf Dawson” is, in short, absolutely spell-binding. Ms. Russell’s ability to establish the identity of the individual characters in the story leaves the reader with the feeling that they have actually known them personally. Mystery and romance, combined with suspense and paranormal elements, leave the reader sitting on the edge of the chair, reluctant to put the book down. The story, and the way it is written, is simply AWESOME! I highly recommend it to anyone, and especially to those interested in post Civil War Mississippi.
Biloxi, MS.


I finished it this weekend. I thought it was great--I want another in that time period. Can't wait to read the new one coming out soon. I also learned a new word--perquisite--proves that you are never to old to learn something new. I looked it up in the dictionary to be sure what it meant. I love words. Another thing that I liked was the short chapters. I like Indian lore also.... I loved the book!


“I really enjoyed your book. It got my attention from the first & I didn't want to put it down.”
Ruidoso, NM.


“Tom has already read “Wolf Dawson”& I'm about half way through it-it is wonderful! Can't wait to read the next one.”
Richland, MS.


“Rosie has already read Wolf Dawson and I am about half way through it now. It is also an excellent read. We are both looking forward to your new book this spring, summer, fall, or when ever. Thanks again,”
Jack N' Rosie
Albany, GA



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