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Here's What Readers Are Saying About Camellia Creek

Thanks Charlsie for another nail-biter. I crave your Historical fiction especially since I am also from the SouthÖ.I have all your books and canít wait for the sequel to Camellia Creek. I was there through the entire story. You not only can write but you can paint a picture. I was there watching, or else I have lived another life in Mississippi instead of Alabama. Your research is impressive and everyone should refresh their history on the Civil War and the fact it was never about slavery. Please hurry with [the] sequel. October will be here soon [reference to Mississippiís annual Cruisiní the Coast the second week in October].

And in a subsequent post this reader added: I rave about your abilities as an author to any one I see reading a book.

Irvington, AL.


I...ordered your last book, Camellia Creek, and you have a winner on your hands. I did not put it down until I read it from beginning to end. Since I love history, and a great story, this was an absolute perfect pairing for me. You are a fantastic writer and kept me on my toes until the final moment. I especially loved the history you wrote at the end. You have such insight into the aftermath of the Civil War and the poor Southerners during those horrible years. My people were such poor Southerners. They were farmers, and many had to leave for Texas, California, Oklahoma and other states to make a new life for their families.

Well, I gave you five stars, of course, and I wait patiently for your next book.

Ponchatoula, LA.


I just finished reading Camellia Creek. Another fabulous book with an unexpected ending. Thank you again.

Biloxi, MS.


I'm Keeping My Amazon Reviews Here Just In Case

5 stars. This is from the paperback edition

I liked the historical background provided and the fact that the murder mystery solved at the end of the book was not the murder mystery presented at the beginning of the book. Looking forward to the sequel.

Emma O'day
Boiling Springs, PA


5.0 out of 5 stars. This review is from the Kindle edition

So delighted to have found this author!!

I love Charlsie Russell's writing. This was the first book I have read written by her. I was drawn into this story immediately and found myself really liking and relating to the characters right away. Having no idea that it included a mysterious haunting ghost story when I began reading it, I was delighted by the romance of it all and impressed by the mature handling of history, romance and mystery! I just happened to finish it on Halloween night and could not wait to begin another one of her books that same night! I have now finished my second Charlsie Russell book, River's Bend (which I couldn't put down!) and am excited to start reading another tonight. I really hate leaving her characters behind...

One of the things I appreciate most about her writing is how she does not waste words or go into ridiculous descriptions. She somehow says enough to give the reader a sense of a character's intentions without saying too much. She also doesn't add fluff. The conversations between characters are realistic and I felt like I was a part of the unfolding mystery. It is such a treat to find a really good writer and even better to find that s/he has written more than one book! Can't wait to start the next one!




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