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Overview of Loblolly Writer's House Business Plan

Purpose: Publish, promote, and sell novels of popular fiction created by writer Charlsie Russell
Annual Goal:
Steadily increase sales
Produce a new title biennially in print and digital formats
Promote print-on-demand (POD) sales of titles through Lightning Source, Inc. (LSI) and Amazon (Create Space)
Distribution Strategy
Place all books with LSI, owned by Ingram Book Company, a major book distributor
Self-distribution to Mississippi’s independent bookstores and gift shops
Aggressively participate in internet marketing
Pricing Strategy
Median price for books of similar size, genre, and format
Product Strategy
Produce a well-crafted story
Produce a superbly constructed print book
Produce a well-formatted, navigable, and readable e-book
Promotion Strategy
Participate in print and epub marketing contests
Produce easily accessible press releases for review and publicity
Attend craft shows
Promote the Loblolly Writer’s House website
Blog bi-monthly on Mississippi/Southern history (my brand), as well as publishing, promoting, and selling self-published print and digital fiction
Develop a strong internet marketing plan

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