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Charlsie Russell is a retired Commander, United States Navy, turned author. A 1972 graduate of the University of Mississippi with a degree in archaeology, Ms. Russell loves reading, she loves history, and she loves the South. She focuses her writing on historical suspense set in her home state of Mississippi.

After seven years of rejection, she woke up one morning and decided she did not have enough years left on this planet to sit back and hope a New York publisher would one day take a risk on her novels. Resolved, she expanded her horizons into the publishing realm with the creation of Loblolly Writerís House.

In addition to writing and publishing, Ms. Russell is the mother and homemaker to five children and their father. Ms. Russell is a 1968 graduate of Rankin Countyís Florence High School. Her people are from the Braxton area of Simpson County, and she is the very proud great-great-granddaughter of a Confederate Veteran from Pontotoc County. She and her family live in Gulfport. To learn more about Charlsie Russell and Loblolly Writerís House, visit www.loblollywritershouse.com.


Charlsie Russellís first title is The Devilís Bastard, a Gothic suspense set in 18th Century Spanish Natchez.

Wolf Dawson, her second title, is another Gothic suspense. It is set at the end of Congressional Reconstruction in Mississippi.

Epico Bayou, her third title, is more mystery than her first two titles, but still retains suspense and romance. It is set on the Mississippi Gulf Coast near the close of the nineteenth century.

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